Oct 17, 2010

confused (@__@)

wah! ini sangat memeningkan kepale... i`am really confused to choose which path i should go and grab...
either continue my study or find a new job..
can i choose both??


my dearest friends...
if u were in my shoes which do you choose??
what?? u choose to wait n see?? 
it`s can`t be! because, to be a successful person, u should take the risk!

now, i think i should try both..
maybe it`s not easy but at least i`m trying~
ya allah, permudahkan urusan ku.. amiin~

p/s : kawan2.. mari minta KPLI.. mane tau ade rezeki kan.. kan.. hee~


kema said...

yeah...try both..n grab mane yg dtg dlu..kalo dpt kpli tuh..mmg leh further study lagi.....

kalo dpt study plak...akn ade peluang tuk jd lecturer... =)

MisZteEN said...

thanks buddy... ;0
betol 2.. hidup x brani mencube pun x sronok gak.. skarang baru ad semangat nak mncube